village park

The Village Park is a local park for the residences of the Park street, Laure-Conan street, de la CrĂȘte street and of others streets located in the park’s environment.

The pavilion formerly reserved as a reception area for park visitors, will be replaced by an outdoor terrace, partially covered to shelter BBQ’s, outdoor furniture and sanitary services.

Outdoor games of badminton and volleyball will be set up around the pavilion. Spaces for relaxation will also be arranged and equipped with appropriate furniture.

This local park is connected to the central park Laure-Conan by a path arranged behind the lots at Sections A and B of the Village.



The promoters of the Domaine Charlevoix where the Village Sport Nature is located, had prepared an overall plan of the park showing the various sectors and main activities suggested.

At this stage of the project, the park foresees various type of excursions, pedestrian and cyclists, surfaces for physical activities, cross-fit paths, the development of the lake with access for bathers, and the use of small boats, picnic areas, a playground area for children and a swimming pool section with adjoining pavilion.

Emphasis of the plan will be put on the central sector to showcase the lake, where bathing areas, nautical activities and games geared to the Domaine Charlevoix Families will be developed


Furthermore the project will integrate access to the estate’s different outdoor sectors and services.

The execution of this master plan will be done gradually in progression with the sales of the lots and development of the different sectors of the estate. The promoters are committed to carrying out the investments necessary for the execution of this plan, and also anticipate yielding this investment to a non-profit organisation comprised of shareholders, who are owners of a property on the Domaine Charlevoix, who will ensure the management and continued existence of the plan.

Park Development

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